2020 Chinese Live Social Media Channels

Live social media channels in China have been going viral and crazy especially after the pandemic. Meanwhile, live channels and short video Apps are dominating the domestic sales market.

Updated MAU of different Social Media Live Channels in China (2020)
Updated MAU of different Social Media Live Channels in China (2020)

The above table shows the MAU of different channels in China where you can consider which channels to use and for what kind of products. Apart from the live streaming channels, there are other channels you have to get to know beforehand- Guide of Chinese Social Media Platforms.

When you choose the channels for promotion, you need to be very attentive to the MAU and DAU of the platform or channel itself.

No. of Daily active users / No. of Monthly active users = (%) DAU/MAU Ratio

For example, your APP/Channels records 100 Daily Active Users (DAU) and 1,000 Monthly Active Users (MAU), your ratio will be 500/1,000=0.5, which means 50%. It shows that your APP/Channels is in a very good trend. It usually happens in the first 2-3 months where the number is going up. After this harmony period, if you still have approximately good % (not less than 0.2); then you are in hands.

There are a lot of businesses having their Douyin and/or Kuaishou accounts opened to draw traffics and sales volume recently. Not to be surprise, they spent a lot of costs, such as time, traffic flow, production and many more, on their accounts. However, many go idle or unsuccessful after 2-3 months. I strongly encourage you to study the Chinese market before taking your steps. You can learn the basic steps and research for different reports online. Additionally, when you talk to your agent in China, ask them more technical problems and the potential ROI. Do not blindly trust that using KOLs can solve all your problems.

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