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WeChat Jumps In Too Late WeChat is really too jumbled at the moment- all kinds of functions, buttons, and also pay functions. Even with high-frequency users, the main problems are how to allocate traffic and set up the entry point, etc. Two months ago, WeChat’s Video Channels went live, which made many users ecstatic about doing […]
Social Media is moving very fast every day!
Keywords: Live Channels, Chinese Social Media, China Market, Double-11 As China has been recovering from the pandemic since months ago, a lot of businesses are still struggling to survive especially the export and trade businesses while the Chinese domestic market is still considered stable. The other day I was having a coffee with my friends […]
Received an inquiry about how the Business Model of China Video Apps such as Douyin, Kuaishou, and Xiaohongshu can help Business Owners to make money lately. First of all, let’s take a look at how those Apps are running their business. Major Parts of the Video App Model There are three major parts of the […]
MirrorBell understands the current global situation, thus, we are here to help! In the mean time, we offer to all businesses the special offer in 2020 – the lowest possible costs to maintain and sustain the necessary China Marketing campaign! Now, LEARN MORE about our special offer of China Marketing Campaign. Send us an email […]
It is a must-to-know China Marketing tips (3 major blind spots). Give us a shout to learn more about how to avoid the social media mistakes. For more info about the productivity and DAU/MAU of live streaming channels, please visit here.
A Quick Guide for foreign businesses by Roy Wong There are always challenges to Chinese Social Media promotion and marketing every day. Foreign businesses getting into China is always a hot topic while a well-planned Chinese content marketing strategy plays an important role. A lot of big brands and products have been selling quite well […]
Live social media channels in China have been going viral and crazy especially after the pandemic. Meanwhile, live channels and short video Apps are dominating the domestic sales market. The above table shows the MAU of different channels in China where you can consider which channels to use and for what kind of products. Apart […]
Douyin | Kauishou | Bilibili | Baidu | Tencent | Ocean Engine Source: QuestMobile 21 April 2020, QuestMobile released “2020 China Mobile Internet Spring Report“. The report states that the number of China mobile internet users per month exceeded 1.156 billion in March 2020. Daily spent per person per month recordsĀ from 5.6 hours last year […]
Douyin DAU over 400M TikTok is the Douyin international version. Douyin is only on in China. Source: Recently, Ocean Engine released 2020 Douyin user portrait report. According to the report, DAU of Douyin has reached over 400 million. It is a 60% increase compared to a year ago which recorded 250 million. The overlapping between Douyin and Toutiao is 32.1%. […]