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WeChat Jumps In Too Late WeChat is really too jumbled at the moment- all kinds of functions, buttons, and also […]
Social Media is moving very fast every day!
Keywords: Live Channels, Chinese Social Media, China Market, Double-11 As China has been recovering from the pandemic since months ago, […]
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MirrorBell Consulting is a professional China Marketing company. We cover all Chinese Social Media Marketing Channels and 5,000+ Influencers around […]
Received an inquiry about how the Business Model of China Video Apps such as Douyin, Kuaishou and Xiaohongshu can help […]
MirrorBell understands the current global situation, thus, we are here to help! In the mean time, we offer to all […]
It is a must-to-know China Marketing tips (3 major blind spots). Give us a shout to learn more about how […]
A Quick Guide for foreign businesses by Roy Wong There are always challenges on Chinese Social Media promotion and marketing […]
Live social media channels in China have been going viral and crazy especially after the pandemic. Meanwhile, live channels and […]
Douyin | Kauishou | Bilibili | Baidu | Tencent | Ocean Engine Source: QuestMobile 21 April 2020, QuestMobile released “2020 […]
Douyin DAU over 400M TikTok is the Douyin international version. Douyin is only on in China. Source: ChinaZ.com Recently, Ocean […]