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No matter how the world changes, emotion and cognition always lead to consumer decision and behavior.

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Every day is another day. We take in, adapt and adjust; yet without sacrificing the values and missions.


According to the different cultures, behaviors and habits, we localize your products and services.

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Strong partnership with Live Streaming Channels, Online Shops, Forums, KOLs and Offline Retailers.


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Influencer (KOL) Marketing has become one of the most effective ways of brand building, product selling and marketing in China. Not only the fan size matters, but also the specific contents for the target audience. No matter you are B2B or B2C, MirrorBell is here to offer the most suitable package on multiple Chinese social media platforms with effective ROI to facilitate the success of your business. With MirrorBell, all the social media management, marketing, influencers and events are all taken care of without you being worried.


We build a strong foundation for your brand on the primary social media channels in China by creating contents specifically designed to build awareness, educate consumers, and increase conversions among your target audience.

  • Official Account Registration
  • Content Creation & Syndication
  • Fans Engagement

We use different online and offline channels to drive mass exposure of your brand and products to the based on Direct-to-consumer (D2C) model, building brand recognition and awareness alongside with boosting of product / services sales.

  • Baidu SEO & SEM
  • Ads on Social Media platforms
  • Individual Retailers/Groups

Niche social media platforms are the best place to engage with your ideal customers. It may seem the target pool is comparatively small, yet we always underestimate their unlimited needs. 

  • Forums
  • Zhihu, Little Red Book, Ximalaya, etc.
  • Communities / Interest Group Leaders

With the right KOLs in China to spread your news, promote your brand. tell you stories, and even sell your products directly via social media and live streaming channels, you cannot imagine the potential.

  • Live Streaming Channels
  • Tiktok, Douyin, Taobao, etc.
  • 5,000+ high quality KOLs around Asia

Our Team

Our core team consists of 00’s, 90’s, 80’s and an adviser in his retired age. We have assisted many companies through different models of business, B2B, B2C, O2O, H2H, D2C, direct sales, etc. With the digital world becoming an inevitable means of marketing and selling, we have developed our very own networks online and offline that can help your company and business to touch base with the target audiences by localising the marketing strategies and stories for your products and services.

Our team is very creative in creating contents, both articles and videos, and posting them on relevant platforms based on the hot topics search on internet every single day. Moreover, we share info, articles, and even discount offers to communities, such as Baby & Mum, University/College groups, Entrepreneurship, Car-owners Gathering groups, etc to bring your important messages to the accurate precise targets in China.

As China is huge in size, there are different cultures, terms, slangs and even habits. We specifically design and manage your social media accounts by identifying your greatest chances of conversion with our big data. Not only we strive for more traffic for your accounts and platforms, but also we share with you the possible strategies to market your products and services in China. 

No matter you are already in China, ready to be in China market or getting prepared, you can always contact us. We sincerely wish to go along with you in your successful page in China.


You can get the latest news and tips regarding China Social Media Marketing here 

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With the stability and recovery process being taken in China day by day. The China market is full of opportunities than ever. Foreign companies are setting up their branches in China as well as their social media accounts, live channels and sales channels, etc. We offer the best solutions for your presence and success by identifying the needs, creating the plans and executing works. You are just a call away from your success.

Successful industries includes:
Cosmetics, Digital Currency, Education, Fashion, Finance, IT, Jewelry, Maternal & Infant, Medical, Real Estate, Sports, Toys, Training, etc.

Please Kindly fill in the form and our team will contact you shortly to discuss your successful China Marketing campaign. We are ready to walk with you along the successful path in the China market.